Caffesso® is a distinctive brand. Our reputation for quality is built jointly on the company’s pioneering launch of Nespresso® compatible capsules in 2010, and our senior managements’ 18 years experience in all aspects of luxury coffee worldwide.

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We’re not a discounter like many of our competitors: we create luxury, distinctive and unique espresso blend capsules, and as well as our online shop, we’re making them available in places Nespresso® capsules have never been available before. If Caffesso® is not there yet, it will soon be found on the shelves of a premium retailer round the corner from you.

Just as Ferrari does for sports cars, Mont Blanc for the art of fine writing, and Prada for great fashion, Caffesso® stands for luxury quality coffee. We’ve encapsulated the art of the Barista so you can make the best, most consistent and unique espresso beverages you’ve ever tasted. And your guests will recognize and appreciate your discerning standards.

Ferrari®, Mont Blanc® and Prada® are registered trademarks of their respective owners and have no association with Caffesso®.