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3 New Fantastic Blends

Here at Caffesso we are pleased to introduce our 3 New Blends: Vanilla A slowly roasted blend of South American and Indian coffees with a delicious vanilla twist.   Chocolate A smooth creamy blend of South American and Indian coffees with delicious hints of rich dark chocolate.   Caramel A perfect blend of slowly roasted […]


Introducing Our New Airtight Capsule

After many months of trials and improvements we are delighted to launch our new Nespresso Compatible capsule. In order to maintain the freshness of the coffee without a foil wrap around it, the pod had to be adapted, and many versions were produced before we got it just right. We have achieved minimising waste and keep the […]

Quality takes more than 15 seconds…..

Savouring an espresso … a brief moment of indulgence during the daily routine is a world of pleasure. However, enjoy your coffee as a connoisseur and you notice that the most subtle flavours take on a new intensity. The only way to really experience coffee is to apply the right combination of awareness and instinct, understanding and enjoyment. There’s plenty of […]

Caffesso Blazer 1802

How to better manage your espresso coffee strength

Machine Settings You should restrict the pour volume (the amount of water flowing through your capsule during the extraction process) in order to get the optimum strength of coffee that each specially blended capsule is designed to deliver. Most Nespresso® or Nespresso®-compatible machines have a programmable pour volume setting (check manufacturers instructions for your machine […]


My Capsule doesn’t fit my Nespresso® ROMEO machine very well

This is an old machine no longer sold by Nespresso®. It was manufactured between 2004/2006, and in fact there have been myriad complaints about the machine breaking down: too many electrical problems and product jamming. It was a bit overcomplicated in its manufacture, hence its discontinuation. CI points / suggestions as follows: It is more […]


Nespresso® Compatible Capsule Alignment

Nespresso® Machines and Nespresso® capsules fit together like very loose jigsaw puzzle pieces. The pyramidal shape, and matching slot in Nespresso® machines, along with the capsules’ extruded Aluminium construction, are patented by Nespresso®. Most Nespresso®-compatible polypropylene or plastic capsules are therefore made with a flat rather than pyramidal top. The practical result of this small […]