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Striving for the best

We are always striving to improve on what we think is already an exceptional Nespresso Compatible capsule option. The consumer wants to have a great tasting product and one which offers value for money over the competitors. We have worked with our design team to produce new packaging which not only improves the look of […]

New Product Launch

This is a very proud week for the team at Caffesso. We have worked tirelessly for the last couple of years to get to a point where we are able to launch a 100% compostable coffee capsules. Many people across the world (let alone the UK) will not head out to work without their caffeine […]


Autumn is here..

With Autumn upon us in the northern hemisphere, our mind wanders to evenings under a blanket and being wrapped up warm. You may well have heard the term Hygge recently with its seeming rise in popularity. Hygge, meaning ‘snug’ is a concept that evokes coziness. So, on that note everyone in the Caffesso office agreed […]


What do you order?

When faced with different names, different blends and all from different companies, how do you select the perfect espresso blend for you? Here is a brief guide to help you. Coffee intensity is generally measured using a 1-12 rating. Most companies will use this to show you the strength of the coffee. However, there are differing factors which […]