New Product Launch

This is a very proud week for the team at Caffesso. We have worked tirelessly for the last couple of years to get to a point where we are able to launch a 100% compostable coffee capsules. Many people across the world (let alone the UK) will not head out to work without their caffeine fix and for nearly a decade, we have been providing capsules which offer superior quality coffee in the convenience of a compatible capsule. However, these capsules do come with their downfalls and if your local council does not run a recycle scheme for them they are sent to landfill.  This is a growing problem because the capsule market continues to grow at a rate of 15% year on year. This is partly down to the ever decreasing cost of the machines but also due to the cost of capsules found at discount supermarkets. 

Our new Eco range uses a 100% compostable capsule which means they can be placed in to your food waste bin and sent off to a commercial compost centre, leaving you guilt free after your morning coffee. There are many variations of compostable capsules on the market but our Eco range is hermetically sealed for freshness. However, this also means no other packaging is needed apart from the box. So there is no need for a foil bag to maintain freshness nor is there a need to be in a air tight plastic bag. So, this means we are able to still provide you with the very best high quality fresh coffee you associate us with every time. 

The Caffesso Eco range capsule is made from renewable raw materials (sugar cane and sugarbeet) and they break down in just 12 weeks. Once the full cradle to cradle cycle has been completed all that is left is CO2, water and biomass. This is then able to go straight back in to the eco system without any harmful effects.

Introducing our Eco range also meant we were able to also look at new blends which worked well with the new paper lid. Those three new blends are: Brasil, Marcala and Tolima.  

All three blends within the Eco range cost just £3.60 per retail box of 10 capsules and they are now on our website. You will also soon be able to purchase them from department stores and supermarkets around the UK and the world.

Welcome to the future…   

A clean machine produces better coffee

Here at Caffesso HQ we have a selection of machines which we use to continually check our product quality. When doing this over and over and over again you notice the difference in pour and flavor. Both of these elements differ from machine to machine depending on the age of machine and the use of the machine.  

Is your machine now producing below par espresso’s? Another question to ask yourself is – What else might be in your cup?

Before you discovered the convenience of your espresso machine and the indulgent quality taste of our Caffesso coffee capsules, you might have frequented a coffee house on your local high street. Did you notice the Barista cleaned the machine after every use. They also deep clean the equipment every night to ensure the following days coffee’s are as good as the previous. You should be doing the same for your machine and your coffee.

Well now you are easily able to maintain a clean machine with the CaffeNu cleaning capsules. They make it easy and quick, because who has time for cleaning? You need your coffee straight away. Simply pop the capsule into the machine the same way you would with a coffee capsule. Run, rinse, ready.


Caffenu cleaning capsules for Nespresso machines

The capsule removes old coffee build-up, dirty residue, tannins, oils and bacteria at the press of a button and leaves absolutely no residue after rinsing. So, your next coffee will be the best you ever had!

We recommend using the cleaning capsule after every 30 coffees made or at least once a month. Why not add some to your next purchase and test it on your machine. You will notice the difference. Click HERE to shop now.


Autumn is here..

With Autumn upon us in the northern hemisphere, our mind wanders to evenings under a blanket and being wrapped up warm. You may well have heard the term Hygge recently with its seeming rise in popularity. Hygge, meaning ‘snug’ is a concept that evokes coziness. So, on that note everyone in the Caffesso office agreed there is nothing more cozy than drinking a hot drink in front of a roaring fire. We took it upon ourselves to do some research on the best Hygge drinks and sampled some of the best out there (well someone has to test them). Here are our findings.

1: Gingerbread Latte
2: White Chocolate Cinnamon Latte
3: Sea Salt Caramel Mocha
4: Red Velvet Hot Chocolate
5: Nutella Mocha Lattes

At Caffesso we know a thing or two about creating the perfect espresso. However, when it comes to adding other elements we sometimes need a bit of help. If like us you need a bit of help, click the links and head to the recipes, you wont regret it.

What will be your favourite winter warmer?

What do you order?

When faced with different names, different blends and all from different companies, how do you select the perfect espresso blend for you? Here is a brief guide to help you.

Coffee intensity is generally measured using a 1-12 rating. Most companies will use this to show you the strength of the coffee. However, there are differing factors which make up the overall rating of your espresso. So, when making your next purchase or deciding which blend to go with, take the following factors in to consideration.

Caffeine – the general rule here is the darker the roast the less caffeine it contains. However…

Weight – plays a part with caffeine volume due to the amount of coffee packed in to a capsule. The higher intensity coffee will have more coffee neatly squeezed in to its container. Which leads on to the…

Grind – The all important body of the coffee is defined by the grind and so therefore this element is taken very seriously. When you have a fine grind, the water has to go through more particles of coffee before hitting the bottom of your cup. It is because of this, you will get a richer bodied espresso using a finely ground coffee than you would with a coarse coffee blend.

Roasting – The darker the roast, the higher intensity rating. This is a rule which you need to remember in order to understand what type of taste you will get. The longer the roast the more bitter the flavor will become, the shorter the roasted blends will allow softer aromas to come through on to your palette.

So… last but not least Aroma. The morning aroma of coffee coming up the stairs is what gets me up in the morning. However, the aroma is a big part of what rating you are looking for. Floral and fruity notes will land you with a lower rated intensity and a lighter roast. A darker roast with a higher intensity will have a smokey, chocolatey and even nutty aroma possibly more suited to red wine drinkers.

Coffee is subjective like most things in life, so sample as many as you want and see which one works for you.