Caffesso® is establishing it’s place in coffee’s history !

Over the past 650 years or so, Arabica coffee has been transplanted around the globe, from one soil type and climate to the next, each time taking on new taste characteristics. Our ‘encapsulated’ time-line history of Arabica coffee below explains where the most important dates fit into the big coffee picture.

c 1360 Khaled the goatherd discovers coffee beneath a Baobob tree in Ethiopia after noticing what his hyperactive goats had been nibbling on
c 1360 Travelling Trappist monk transports energising coffee cherries to Yemen monastery.
c 1365 Once transplanted coffee seeds yield crop, Monks spread word throughout Arabian peninsula and coffee’s magical powers spread in popularity
1400’s Explorers manage to bring ‘protected’ coffee back to Europe, and French Emperor Louis X1V becomes a huge fan
c 1430-1590 European explorers transplant coffee to Indonesia and Asia as they discover and develop new lands
c 1460 Pope ‘saves’ coffee by blessing it, despite lobbying against the ‘barbarians black liquid’ by most of Europe’s Roman Catholics
1600-1700 Westerly expeditions across the Atlantic bring coffee to the Caribbean islands and Central America
1700’s Coffee plantations spread through Central to South America
1750- Brazil becomes huge producer of coffee on its fertile high plains, with climate ideal for the crop
1790’s Arabica coffee transplanted from Brazil back to Kenya, bringing Arabica virtually around the world over 600 years
1906 Italians invent espresso machine, and the now famous beverage
1986 Nespresso® invents its espresso capsule system in Switzerland
2010 ECC founded
2012 Caffesso brand launched around the world – premium coffee begins its second circumnavigation of the globe !