New Product Launch

This is a very proud week for the team at Caffesso. We have worked tirelessly for the last couple of years to get to a point where we are able to launch a 100% compostable coffee capsules. Many people across the world (let alone the UK) will not head out to work without their caffeine fix and for nearly a decade, we have been providing capsules which offer superior quality coffee in the convenience of a compatible capsule. However, these capsules do come with their downfalls and if your local council does not run a recycle scheme for them they are sent to landfill.  This is a growing problem because the capsule market continues to grow at a rate of 15% year on year. This is partly down to the ever decreasing cost of the machines but also due to the cost of capsules found at discount supermarkets. 

Our new Eco range uses a 100% compostable capsule which means they can be placed in to your food waste bin and sent off to a commercial compost centre, leaving you guilt free after your morning coffee. There are many variations of compostable capsules on the market but our Eco range is hermetically sealed for freshness. However, this also means no other packaging is needed apart from the box. So there is no need for a foil bag to maintain freshness nor is there a need to be in a air tight plastic bag. So, this means we are able to still provide you with the very best high quality fresh coffee you associate us with every time. 

The Caffesso Eco range capsule is made from renewable raw materials (sugar cane and sugarbeet) and they break down in just 12 weeks. Once the full cradle to cradle cycle has been completed all that is left is CO2, water and biomass. This is then able to go straight back in to the eco system without any harmful effects.

Introducing our Eco range also meant we were able to also look at new blends which worked well with the new paper lid. Those three new blends are: Brasil, Marcala and Tolima.  

All three blends within the Eco range cost just £3.60 per retail box of 10 capsules and they are now on our website. You will also soon be able to purchase them from department stores and supermarkets around the UK and the world.

Welcome to the future…