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100% Nespresso® compatible

10 Capsules per box

A well balanced Southern Italian espresso boasting a roasted chocolate and aromatic character with a subtle bouquet.triflags-roast

This dark, rich, well-balanced, Southern Italian style espresso boasts a distinctive chocolaty full body and aromatic character in its blend of South and Central American coffees. Medium roasted, Aromatico’s blend of Arabica and Robusta results in a long-lasting yet subtle bouquet.

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2 reviews for Aromatico

  1. Nick

    Aromatico capsules are the family favourite !! Delighted and great value

  2. David Julier

    We have been serving Aromatico to our customers (and ourselves) for several years now and they often ask for a second cup soon after the first! The blend is smooth, with a rich after taste that just says “quality”. Nearly always with warmed milk as a longer drink, the flavour stands up well. We tried stronger and weaker blends but keep returning to Aromatico.

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