Caffesso’s coffee philosophy is distilled from years of experience, and observations of what the world enjoys most in an espresso. It’s very simple really, although it requires attention to many details to get it right. Savouring an espresso, a brief moment of indulgence during the daily routine is a world of pleasure. However, enjoy your coffee as a connoisseur, and you’ll notice that the most subtle flavours take on a new intensity. The only way to really experience coffee is to apply the right combination of awareness and instinct, understanding and enjoyment.

There’s plenty of material extolling the mechanical genius of espresso making technology, but actually it’s just a means to an end. Ultimately our coffee and the way it’s savoured is our most important asset and the best quality differentiator of Caffesso.

There’s something in our product range that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Why capsules?

The best way to spoil good coffee is to leave it open for a couple of days. Think about how good a pack of coffee smells when first opened. The first cup is delicious. But by the end of the week you can hardly smell the coffee. That means it’s been exposed to the air for too long and its already beginning to stale.

Capsules keep the coffee fresh until the customer is about to drink it. With Caffesso™ you get the purest taste each time you open a foil and pop a capsule into the machine.

Why blends?

Coffee behaves differently in the roaster as seasons change and we pride ourselves on our understanding of the roasting process. By using blends we can create flavour profiles which are more complex and balanced than the individual parts. The temperatures that coffee is roasted at are vital in developing the flavour so we combine our tasting skills and sense of smell with technology to make sure every batch perfectly develops the flavour of the blend.

Arabica coffee tastes are as distinctive from one region of the world to another as grapes and regional wines. We use between 18 and 25 different coffee beans from all over the world. Most of them are Arabica, but we also use 4 different kinds of Robusta whose acidity helps to bring out the widely varying flavours of the Arabica coffees.

Why different coffees?

Everyone’s palate and taste preferences are different. If that wasn’t the case the coffee business would be a very different proposition: there’d be just one coffee blend that would please every tongue in the world ?

Thank goodness for variety and diversity. And that’s why we produce a range of blends, flavours and coffee strengths. Caffesso™ offers something to put a smile on everyone’s face.