Striving for the best

We are always striving to improve on what we think is already an exceptional Nespresso Compatible capsule option. The consumer wants to have a great tasting product and one which offers value for money over the competitors.

We have worked with our design team to produce new packaging which not only improves the look of our product on the Supermarket shelves but also improves the positioning of our capsules. The boxes are slightly smaller which means the capsules are snuggly positioned in to the packaging which ensures less movement whilst in transit back home. This means the lid does not get knocked and there is a reduced chance of any damage.

By creating this new packaging, it meant we were now able to start to look at our core range of capsules being fully compostable. Our compostable capsule lid is made from paper (and other fancy materials) which can be perforated slightly easier than its foil based brother. So, watch this space a new range of your favourite blends, all in compostable capsules.