Autumn is here..

With Autumn upon us in the northern hemisphere, our mind wanders to evenings under a blanket and being wrapped up warm. You may well have heard the term Hygge recently with its seeming rise in popularity. Hygge, meaning ‘snug’ is a concept that evokes coziness. So, on that note everyone in the Caffesso office agreed there is nothing more cozy than drinking a hot drink in front of a roaring fire. We took it upon ourselves to do some research on the best Hygge drinks and sampled some of the best out there (well someone has to test them). Here are our findings.

1: Gingerbread Latte
2: White Chocolate Cinnamon Latte
3: Sea Salt Caramel Mocha
4: Red Velvet Hot Chocolate
5: Nutella Mocha Lattes

At Caffesso we know a thing or two about creating the perfect espresso. However, when it comes to adding other elements we sometimes need a bit of help. If like us you need a bit of help, click the links and head to the recipes, you wont regret it.

What will be your favourite winter warmer?