What do you order?

When faced with different names, different blends and all from different companies, how do you select the perfect espresso blend for you? Here is a brief guide to help you.

Coffee intensity is generally measured using a 1-12 rating. Most companies will use this to show you the strength of the coffee. However, there are differing factors which make up the overall rating of your espresso. So, when making your next purchase or deciding which blend to go with, take the following factors in to consideration.

Caffeine – the general rule here is the darker the roast the less caffeine it contains. However…

Weight – plays a part with caffeine volume due to the amount of coffee packed in to a capsule. The higher intensity coffee will have more coffee neatly squeezed in to its container. Which leads on to the…

Grind – The all important body of the coffee is defined by the grind and so therefore this element is taken very seriously. When you have a fine grind, the water has to go through more particles of coffee before hitting the bottom of your cup. It is because of this, you will get a richer bodied espresso using a finely ground coffee than you would with a coarse coffee blend.

Roasting – The darker the roast, the higher intensity rating. This is a rule which you need to remember in order to understand what type of taste you will get. The longer the roast the more bitter the flavor will become, the shorter the roasted blends will allow softer aromas to come through on to your palette.

So… last but not least Aroma. The morning aroma of coffee coming up the stairs is what gets me up in the morning. However, the aroma is a big part of what rating you are looking for. Floral and fruity notes will land you with a lower rated intensity and a lighter roast. A darker roast with a higher intensity will have a smokey, chocolatey and even nutty aroma possibly more suited to red wine drinkers.

Coffee is subjective like most things in life, so sample as many as you want and see which one works for you.